Wax Heater WX-1C & 2xNatural Premium Soft Wax Cartridge, 1xEpilating Strips


Kit contains:

  • 1 x Cartridge Wax Heater WX-1C
  • 2 x Natural Premium Soft Wax Cartridge 3.38 oz 100g
  • 1 x Epilating Strips 100pcs


Wax Heater:

Technical specifications:
Voltage : 110V
Frequency : 50Hz/60Hz
Power : 40W
Volume : 1pcs*100G
Max Temperature :100 oC
Warranty 1 year

Wax Necessities WX-C1 Wax Cartridge Heater.

Ideal for use with all Wax Necessities soft wax cartridges, the WX-1C heater offers a simple and reliable service. On the exterior the heater is molded in a highly resistant APS thermoplastic plastic resin. and aluminium is used for the quality inner construction.

To prolong the life and efficiency of the warmer, it is recommended a Wax Necessities soft wax cartridge always be inserted into the heating chamber. Never pour wax directly into the heating well.

To maintain optimum condition of the heater, clean regularly. Use Wax Necessities Citrus Cleaner for heavy wax residues. Do not use Citrus Cleaner directly on the `Wax Necessities` LOGO printed on the heater.

Your warmer has been tested before leaving the factory and is guaranteed against all manufacturing defects, under normal use, for 12 months from date of purchase. If the heater will fail to operate due to defect in material or workmanship, we will repair or replace it with date proof of purchase. Guarantee does not apply to damaged lids or heater resulting from misuse or accident.

Remove the heater lid and place the wax cartridge directly into the heating chamber (We recommend Wax Necessities cartridges).
Plug in the appliance. Red light indicates power is on.
The indicator light will remain illuminated during operation time. Please allow 10-30 min, depending of the ambient temperature until the wax is ready to use.
To ensure the wax has reached a suitable tem perature and to avoid loss of working time, it is recommended to plug in the heater approximately one half hour before services begin.
Unplug and cover unit loosely with lid when not in use.
Caution: Locking lid tightly may cause lid to break. If lid adheres to melting pot, pre-heat the warmer prior to lid removal to prevent lid from cracking.
Recommended Wax Necessities cartridges.


Ideal for all Wax Necessities Cartridges 3.4 oz

Read all instructions before using the heater!
When using electrical appliances, basic safety precautions should be followed

Always test wax on small area of the skin before application.
Do not touch the metallic surfac- es of the warmer. Unit is hot when in use.
Use only on a solid, surface.
Do not plug-in unit where power cord can be tripped on or where cord hangs over edge of working table and can be pulled off.
Do not leave unit on unattended.
If wax begins to smoke, unplug unit immediately and have checked by electrician.
AlIow unit to cool before, cleaning or storing.
Do not leave children unattended around working heater. Use unit only for the intended use as described in this booklet.
For best results, also refer to Wax Necessities waxing instructions on the product package.

To reduce risk of electrocution: (which can result in Injuries 8. death)
Unplug the heater immediately after use.
Do not use in bathrooms or on wet floors and surfaces.
lf unit falls into water, unplug immediately. Do NOT reach Into water.
Never operate heater if it has a damaged power cord or plug. if it is not working properly. or has been dropped or damaged.
DO not connect more than 3 heaters on an extension cord.

For professional use only!

Natural Premium Soft Wax Cartridge:

  • Use with strips
  • Made with real beeswax
  • Dye free
  • No artificial scent
  • Transparent

Transparent wax with the special delicate formula for sensitive zones. The wax follows the body curves, easily captures the short and coarse hair on the uneven surfaces.
While applying, the wax temperature is very low, what makes it ideal for sensitive skin in delicate areas.
Temeperature: max 42 degrees C (107.6 degrees F)
Use applicator
No stripes removal.


  1. Insert cartridge into heater and warm up (118F).
  2. Apply the wax to the skin in the direction of hair growth.
  3. Press the depilation strip on the treated area wax.
  4. Remove the strip with a sharp pull against the direction of the hair growth.
  5. Use after wax lotion.

Ingredients: Peg-3 Dirosinate, Glyceryl Rosinate, C.I. 77019

WARNING: Professional Use Only!
Test on a small area before use. If rush develops discontinue use.
Non Woven Epilating strips 3 inch W X 8.75 inch L will help to achieve flawless removal of wax on large body areas.
Package of 100 epilating strips
High quality
3 inch x 8.75 inch
Perfect for body and legs.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Professional Use Only! Please read carefully all the instructions on the product label before use.


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