Wax@Home presents: the World’s Most Affordable Waxing!

Soft Wax Roll On Kits

High quality wax very easy to use with roll on cartridges, not sticky on the skin but with high adherence on the hair. Ideal for large areas.

Soft Wax Strips

  • A high quality unique formula with moisturizing extracts guarantees smooth skin for up to 4 weeks.
  • Ideal for fine and coarse hair, small to medium areas.
  • Gentle on skin, tough on hair.

Microwavable Stripless Hard Wax Kits

  • Easy to use, formulated for home waxing, guarantees professional results!
  • Ideal for small areas: face, bikini, underarm.
  • Works without strips.
  • Results last for up to 4 weeks.